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Manuscript Submission



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Manuscript Submission Guidelines

  1. Introduction

For a manuscript to be valid for submission, it should be original and it should not have been submitted elsewhere for publication. Authors should write a cover letter that should be attached with the manuscript and then submit both soft and hard copies to the following addresses: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  1. Manuscripts

Manuscripts to be submitted must be formatted to fit on one side of A4 size paper in double spacing throughout and with margins being at least 2.5 cm wide all around. All pages must be numbered consecutively and the page numbers should be aligned at the bottom centre, beginning with page 1 on the title page.

  1. Layout

Except in the case of short communication and technical reports, manuscripts should normally be divided into appropriate and conventional sections set out in the following order: title, acknowledgements, abstract, introduction, body of text and references.

  1. Font Size and Font Type

The font size should be 12 in Times New Roman or Garamond.

  1. Title

The title should be concise and should reflect the contents clearly.

  1. Abstract

The abstract should not exceed a page.

  1. Introduction and Main Text

For a book manuscript, there should be equal division of chapters from the introduction to the conclusion. For a journal article, the manuscript should be divided as appropriate into conventional sections i.e. Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion.

  1. Acknowledgements

Only authentic acknowledgements should be included in this part.

  1. Quotations

Authors are advised to undertake critical qualitative analysis of fieldwork responses. In any case, a page should not carry more than three quotations.

  1. References
  • The recommended style is APA
  • All references should be in alphabetical order
  • No numbering
  • Author’s name(s) and initials (in upper case only). In case of multi-authored manuscripts, successive authors’ names should be separated by commas, with an ampersand (&) between the penultimate and last name
  • Year of publication should not be in brackets
  • Title of a book should be italicised (each content word should be in capital letter)
  • For a journal article, a title of a journal should be capitalised in each word and italicised. The journal volume number, and page numbers of the article (from first to last page) should be included.

10.1. Examples of Reference Citations

(a) A book

James, K. & Olowojoyeku, A. 2002. Tax Law and Theory of Income Tax. Liverpool: Liverpool Academic Press.

Louis, K. 2011. The Theory of Taxation and Public Economics. New Jersey: Princeton University Press.

(b) An article

Omari, C. I. 1977. The historical development of vocational education in mainland Tanzania, 1884-1970: A study on underdevelopment. Papers in Education and Development, No. 4, pp. 87-112.

NB:         For citations in the text (in-text citation), all references should be cited by using the surname(s) of the author(s) and the date. For example (hypothetical examples), Masawe & Mabula (1943) suggest that English should be authorised in all work places in the country. OR ‘English should be used from primary schools to university level’ (Johnson & Greenbaum, 1972).

In the text, successive references by the same author should be separated by commas, and those of different authors by semi-colons: (Abrams, 1990, 1991; Mrema, 1961; Al-Mazrui & Al-Said, 1972). Moreover, one can write: English is ‘an international language’ (Xi and Yu, 1943; Abrams, 1990, 1991).

  1. Tables

Tables must be numbered chronologically in Arabic numerals e.g. Table 1, Table 2, etc.

The font type should be the same as that of the manuscript i.e. Times New Roman or Garamond. Make sure that the tables and their contents are clear and readable.

When referring to Tables in the text, the word ‘Table’ should be spelt out in full and given a capital initial letter e.g. Table 2.

  1. Figures

Figures should conform to the dominant font type of the manuscript i.e. Times New Roman or Garamond. They should be clear and readable.

  1. Illustrations

Illustrations should be clear and visible. The texts (captions) about the illustrations should conform to the dominant font type of the manuscript i.e. Times New Roman or Garamond.

  1. Acceptance of Manuscripts

All manuscripts received are submitted to editorial and professional reviewers for critical appraisal. Once done, the reviewers’ comments and report are forwarded to the author for revision and resubmission. Once all reviewer’s comments are addressed, or at least 80% of them, then the author should submit the revised version for further publishing processes.

The author should return the revised version within one month.

NB:         Publishing is a process and therefore there is no shortcut. All manuscripts submitted must undergo the following processes: Assessment, Review, Editing, Typesetting, Proofreading, and Cover Design.


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